Checking the facts: US Senate ads

Checking the facts: US Senate ads

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OKLAHOMA CITY -  We're taking a look at some of the ads running in Oklahoma's upcoming primary election.

In one ad from former Oklahoma speaker of the House T-W Shannon, Shannon attacks Lankford for his voting record.

"Lankford voted three times in three years to increase the debt limit by three trillion dollars" 

The voice-over on this one is technically true, but the text on the screen is not.

Lankford voted to increase the debt ceiling, but didn't single-handedly increase debt, as the text reads.

"TW Shannon cut wasteful spending, reduced debt, and promoted work over welfare"

Shannon's record shows he voted for spending decreases and reducing debt, but over the years, including the years Shannon was speaker, state debt increased each year until 2011, according to the state's annual financial report. It decreased in 2012.

Shannon's claim about reforming welfare is true. He passed house bill 1909 that requires people to work at least 20 hours for food stamps.

"[Lankford] can keep fighting Obama on everything from government spending and Obamacare to the Benghazi and IRS scandals"

James Lankford hasn't run any attack ads. So far, his ads don't include specific promises or claims about his record.

However, political action committees that back Lankford have.

 "Shannon voted for higher debt and expanded medicaid for the same special interest that employed Shannon"

The claim about higher debt is technically true. That vote was for $25 million in bonds, funding the Native American Cultural Center.  

The medicare expansion claim is half true. That vote would allow Oklahoma to accept federal funds at clinics serving Native Americans, but didn't expand medicaid coverage, except to those facilities.
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