Will Rogers Airport responds after Wichita bomb plot

Will Rogers Airport responds after Wichita bomb plot

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"With terrorism, we will not satisfy their complaints," said David Cid with the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, based in Oklahoma City.

Friday was another scare, a different airport. But this one was closer to home. The Wichita bomb plot threatened a similar-sized airport less than three hours from the Metro.

"It is kind of scary that it happened in a smaller, more rural town," said Will Rogers traveler Abby Grisedale.

"While we feel protected in the heartland in the middle of America we have a certain sense of security, but today again it reminds us that terrorism remains a very real threat," said Special Agent in Charge Michael Kaste.

Staff at Will Rogers World Airport say size doesn't matter. Like any big hub, hundreds are responsible for security at the airport in Oklahoma City. And they're always on high alert.

"Not only do we have the Department of Homeland Security and TSA, the airport's involved obviously, Oklahoma City Police, FBI, these agencies are always working together to make sure the airport is safe and secure," said airport spokesperson Karen Carney.

Four K9 units can sniff out explosives. And undercover agents could walk right by you, and you'd never notice. But they still need the public's help.

"If they see something that's unusual or feels not right to report it," Carney said.

Initial reports show the suspect in Kansas took pictures and researched flight schedules, tipping off investigators.

"Those pre-operational behaviors that one has to do in order to commit an act of terrorism are called indicators," explained Cid.

That's something the local FBI seized upon.

And in a town that's no stranger to suffering at the hand of a terrorist during the Murrah bombing, threats like this resonate even more loudly.

"That event more than any other I think demonstrated that any place is vulnerable," said Cid.

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